Donald Glover hints at new Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper collaboration

The two last worked together on the Childish Gambino track 'The Worst Guys' in 2013

Donald Glover has hinted that he may release new music with Chance The Rapper in the near future.

Glover, who makes music as Childish Gambino, has previously collaborated with the three-time Grammy winner in past projects, with Chance guesting on the Gambino tracks ‘They Don’t Like Me’ and ‘The Worst Guys’ while Glover featured on the ‘Acid Rap’ track ‘Favourite Song’. The two artists have also previously toured with each other in the US.

Glover has now revealed that the two artists may be linking up again on new music in the near future. Speaking to US radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood earlier today (February 22), Glover initially joked that he may not get to see Chance again due to the latter’s recent Grammy success, before saying: “We actually, like, sat down in the studio and were talking for a little bit. When he has a moment, we’ve been sitting down and working together.”

He then clarified that he would prefer to work with Chance in person, as collaborating via email doesn’t “make for good work.” Listen to the full interview below.

Glover also spoke about the second season of his critically acclaimed show Atlanta, which won Best Television Comedy at last month’s Golden Globes. Confirming that the next installment of the show wouldn’t materialise until 2018, he did reveal that it had been written “for the most part.”

“Me and my brother have been writing it and the writing staff has written a bunch of stuff so there is a lot of stuff, but there’s also a lot of stuff happening in the world. So I don’t want to write it too early.”

Glover is currently in London shooting the upcoming Han Solo film, while last week he was confirmed to be playing the role of Simba in the live-action adaptation of The Lion King.