Donald Trump’s inauguration performers revealed amid allegations of bribery

Trump will be sworn in as US President in January

The first performers have been confirmed for Donald Trump‘s upcoming US Presidential inauguration.

Trump will be sworn in as President in Washington, DC on January 20, 2017, with opera singer Andrea Bocelli and America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho reportedly booked to perform.

According to TMZ, Bocelli will perform “one or two songs”, while Evancho will sing the national anthem.



Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 saw Aretha Franklin perform, while Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson sang at his second inauguration in 2013. Watch Beyonce sing the national anthem from the 2013 inauguration below.

Meanwhile, there have been allegations that Trump’s administration has been attempting to bribe performers into appearing at his inauguration. Trump’s camp have denied the claims.

The Wrap reports that talent bookers were offered ambassadorships and “access to the administration” in exchange for their clients performing at the event.

“Never in a million years have I heard something so crazy,” one talent booker said. “That was the moment I almost dropped the phone.”


Trump met with Kanye West earlier this week at Trump Tower in New York, where they shared a hug and Trump signed a copy of his Time magazine cover for West. West avoided questions about whether he will perform at Trump’s inauguration.

Kanye’s meeting with Trump attracted a heated reaction from fans, while John Legend described himself as “disappointed” in the rapper. West later attempted to explain his actions.