‘Donda’ producer Mike Dean apologises for “trolling” BTS

“I was mad about album of the year and made a post I shouldn’t have made”

American producer Mike Dean has apologised to BTS, following a series of tweets where he criticised the septet.

On April 4, the night of the Grammys 2022, Dean took a jab at the K-pop boyband by responding to a tweet from the Recording Academy. The Grammy organiser had dared followers to “name a group smoother than BTS”, which Dean replied with “Anyone”.


Later that night, while responding to BTS fans, the producer added further fuel to the fire by questioning BTS’ songwriting credits. “It’s funny to read so many armys saying BTS members write ‘90% of their music’,” he wrote. “There is no way BTS members have [written] 90% of their music.”

“Just check the writing credits of every single BTS album. In all of them are like 9-10 credited songwriters per song… why would a company like BigHit spend so much money [on] so many songwriters who only do the ‘10% of the job’?” Dean added in a second tweet.

Dean has since apologised to the K-pop boyband in a new series of tweets on April 5, where he claims that he was “just fucking trolling”. The producer, who was nominated for Album Of The Year as a co-producer of Kanye West‘s ‘Donda’, also said he was just taking his anger out on the group after the loss.

“Ok folks. I was mad about album of the year and made a post I shouldn’t have made. My gf just made me feel bad for it,” he added. At the Grammys 2022, Jon Batiste eventually took home the Album Of The Year award with ‘We Are’.


Dean also apologised to long-time BTS collaborator Docskim, who expressed his disappoinment over Dean’s comments. “As a keyboardist/producer and fan of hip hop, I’m inspired by [Mike Dean]. He’s one of the legends,” his tweet read. “BTS are my little brothers and amazingly talented guys. Just disappointed that someone I look up to said those things.”

“Apologies. Meant no harm. Just a troll. Was trolled by some fans b4. ) all love,” Dean’s response read. As of writing, none the members of BTS nor Big Hi Music have responded to the producer so far.

Later this week, BTS will kick off their four-night Las Vegas residency on April 8, 9, 15 and 16 at the Allegiant Stadium. All four dates will be broadcast live at the nearby MGM Grand Garden Arena, in what’s being dubbed a “live play” event.

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