Donnas to release ‘Greatest Hits’ album

California quartet set to tour with Blondie and Pat Benetar

The Donnas are to release ‘Greatest Hits Vol 16’ – a compilation to celebrate their 16 years as a band.

However, the album won’t be a traditional hits compilation. It will feature two new songs as well as re-recorded versions of earlier songs including ‘Get Rid Of That Girl’ from their debut album, 1997’s ‘The Donnas’, and ‘Get You Alone’ from 1999’s ‘Get Skintight’.

The album will also feature previously unreleased songs ‘We Own The Night’ and ‘She’s Out Of Control’, as well as live tracks.

‘Greatest Hits Vol 16’ will be released July 7 on the band’s own label, Purple Feather Records.

On July 21 The Donnas begin the 19 date ‘Call Me Invincible’ tour with Blondie and Pat Benetar in the USA.

The tracklisting for ‘Greatest Hits Vol 16’ will be:

‘Get Off’
‘Perfect Stranger’
‘We Own The Night’
‘She’s Out of Control’
‘Take It Off’
‘Fall Behind Me’
‘Get You Alone’
‘Play My Game’
‘You Make Me Hot’
‘Get Rid of That Girl’
‘Hey I’m Gonna Be Your Girl’
‘I Wanna be With a Girl Like You’
‘I Don’t Want to Go to School’
‘Teenage Rules’
‘Don’t Wanna Break Your Head’
‘High School Yum Yum’