K-pop legends SHINee return with first album in three years, ‘Don’t Call Me’

The LP dropped alongside the music video for the title track

SHINee have made their long-awaited comeback with ‘Don’t Call Me’ after a three-year hiatus.

The nine-track album is the boyband’s first release since their three-part 2018 album, ‘The Story of Light’. The new LP was announced earlier this year during a special livestream concert ‘The Ringtone’, after Onew, Key and Minho completed their mandatory military service over the past few months.

The LP dropped alongside the music video for the title track ‘Don’t Call Me’. The group leave a strong impression with the videos’ dark and edgy cinematography and their sharp dance moves.


Check out the music video here:


During a a press conference that followed the release, member Taemin noted that the song, which features a hip-hop-inspired beat, is something the group had “never done before for a title track”, according to SCMP. He called it “something new and cool for us to try out.”

“I know that SHINee are known for being experimental and trying new things for every release, but we tried to take out the emphasis on that for this album,” Key said. “We wanted to pick a single that was best for this particular comeback, a song that we all felt comfortable with and a concept that would show that we’ve put a lot of thought into it.”


Key also noted that, despite their best efforts to avoid being experimental, the song ended up being out of their usual wheelhouse anyway. “It wasn’t necessarily that we were doing it to try something new, but something specifically for this comeback as it’s the first time we’ve come together as a group in several years,” he added.

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