Watch a gig-goer sleep through doom metal band’s set while passed out on stage

Video has emerged from warehouse show in Brooklyn last week

Footage has emerged of a gig-goer sleeping through the entire set of a doom metal band while sitting passed out at the edge of the stage.

US band Fórn were playing a warehouse gig in Brooklyn on December 30, taking to the stage at 3am. Video from the gig sees a man wearing a red shirt slumped at the front of the stage, appearing to sleep for the full 20 minute-long set with the band performing just metres away from him.

Posting footage from the show to Facebook, the band wrote in a caption: “Apparently, 3am is too late of a set time for some people, like the dude who is passed out on stage the entire time that somehow none of us realised.”

“Can somebody check on him and make sure he’s not dead?”, they added.

A commenter claiming to be the fan in question responded to the message, saying: “Hey I’m that guy and I’m still alive unfortunately. I really dug everything I heard though even though I looked like the Minor Threat guy“.

He continued: “I hope to see you guys on a night when I haven’t been drinking all night”, to which the band replied: “We were worried!”.

Watch footage below: