That's the US industrial band, who have offered to play a free show in a New York jail...

DOPE, the US industrialists who have been campaigning for reform of the prison system, have had their offer to play a free gig at a NEW YORK jail turned down.

The group want to raise awareness of people serving prison sentences for non-violent drug convictions. They offered to play an acoustic set at the Attica Correctional Facility in New York, but frontman Edsel Dope‘s letters to prison bosses have been ignored.

The group planned to perform Johnny Cash classics as well as their own songs. Frontman Edsel said: “I’ve watched this country spend millions of dollars each year to fight the war on drugs, while at the same time I’ve attended overcrowded schools and dealt with the lack of quality teachers. I’m pissed off for the thousands of people who are locked in cages in our so-called free society for victimless non-violent drug offences. I’m sad for those same non-violent people who are now living in violence with rapist and murderers, some of whom will get out of jail before them. I hate that my tax paying dollars go to help finance these wrong-doings.”

The band, who kicked off a support tour with Kid Rock in the States yesterday (August 2), recently reissued their 150,000-selling album ‘Felons And Revolutionaries’, released through Flip/Epic, in America with a cover of the Dead Or Alive song ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’ on it.