Patriarch of Tex Mex rock and roll laid to rest in native San Antonio...

Doug Sahm, Texan rock and roller, was buried in the Sunset Memorial Funeral Home in his native San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday, November 22. Sahm died last week from a heart attack aged 58.

Sahm played a particularly Texan brew of rock and roll, rockabilly, country, blues, Texas swing and traditional cowboy folk songs and is best known for his work with the legendary Sir Douglas Quintet and had played with the Texas Tornados since 1989. His career in music started in the early 50s as a child prodigy in San Antonio, playing steel guitar and violin, playing with veteran honky tonk country stars and making an appearance on the Louisiana Hatyride radio show which nurtured new country talent.

In the early 60s he formed The Sir Douglas Quintet, playing a Tex Mex variation on rock and roll and had several US hits with ‘She’s A Mover’ and ‘The Rains Came’. The Sir Douglas Quintet retired in 1971, though Sahm continued to play and act as an unpaid PR man for the state of Texas and all things Texan.


He was known as one of the ‘cosmic cowboys’, one of the ‘outlaw’ country stars along with Willie Nelson who brought laid back post-hippie sensibilities to the rhinestone-heavy 1970s Nasville scene, but he was also inspirational to a new breed of discontented pub rockers in the UK such as Elvis Costello And The Attractions, whose distinctive organ sound harked directly back to The Sir Douglas Quintet.

Doug Sahm is survived by son Shawn Sahm, a performer in his own right, younger son Shandon, drummer with The Meat Puppets, and daughter Dawn.