Doves: ‘You can learn new musical tricks at Glastonbury’ – video

Watch a video interview with the band now

Doves have praised the musical variety at Glastonbury, suggesting they learn a trick or two every time they visit.

Speaking in an NME.COM video interview at the festival, which you can watch below, Jimi Goodwin said he is always impressed by the scope of music that is given a platform at the event.

“There’s always great music out there… It’s kind of all been done but it still fascinates me what you can do with 12 notes and seven chords and all the variations of it,” he said.

“It’s about transcending your influences and making them your own, I guess. It still fascinates me how you can do it, even though its all been done, if that makes sense.”

Watch the full video interview below, then head to NME.COM’s Glastonbury 2009 index to relive this year’s festival now.