Doves: ‘You’ll have to wait until 2012 for our next album’

But there's a Greatest Hits and a gig with a choir in the meantime

Doves say they will not record a new album for at least “two or three years”.

The band, who headlined the Voltz White Air Festival in Brighton at the weekend (September 19), have promised to release a best-of in the interim, but would be taking their time on the follow-up to this year’s ‘Kingdom Of Rust’ – and you can watch the band performing the title track of said record on the video player right now.

“We’ve done four albums so next year, around January time, we are putting out a greatest hits collection. I know four albums isn’t masses but we have been around for ages because each album takes so long to write,” explained Jez Williams.

“We will have to start thinking about a fifth album after the greatest hits collection, but in all honesty, I doubt we’ll finish our fifth album until at least two or three years’ time.”

He added: “It makes me sick just thinking about it. That’s because I know it will be the start of two to three years of arguments. The thing about Doves is all three of us write each song. We’re a democracy, and we always have different input into each songs so it ends up taking ages. Expect a new Doves album in 2012.”

Doves also spoke about their upcoming collaboration with the London Bulgarian Choir at the BBC Electric Proms on October 22.

“The BBC gave us a budget for the Electric Proms so we spanked it all on a 40-piece Bulgarian choir,” Williams declared. “Why Bulgarian? Because they are dark. They’re not cheery or upbeat singers. The gig will be quite sinister.

“There may not be any fancy lights or props now because we have blown the budget on the choir. But who needs lights when the music will blow everyone away? Right now our sound engineers are stressing about how they are going to mic up 40 singers, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out before next month.”

Meanwhile Doves play a giant Manchester homecoming show at Manchester Central on December 18.

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