Doves relocate to the Peak District

The three-piece have been busy working on their new album

Doves have relocated to a new studio in the Peak District to record their fourth studio album.

The band have taken a break from their M56 base and moved into a cottage in Derbyshire where they are working on new songs which they hope to record in February 2007.

Writing on their official website the Manchester three-piece said: “For anyone under the impression that we’ve been sitting back holidaying/taking it easy, they’d be mistaken, we’ve been grafting hard for the last few months, writing lots & lots of songs / music.

“This record has required a little more writing & work to find a direction, something that feels new to us, that’s just the way it is sometimes, but thank f**k we’re getting there now.”

The band have also revealed details of the album’s artwork, which will be a shot of a llama farm next to the cottage.

The three-piece said they are hoping to release the follow-up to ‘Some Cities’ between the summer and autumn of 2007.