Doves get to work on new album

The three-piece are currently holed up on a farm back home

Doves have started working on new material for their fourth album.

The three-piece are currently in the early stages of recording after setting up a studio on a farm near Manchester.

Speaking about the follow up to 2005’s ‘Some Cities’ on their official website, the band wrote: “We’ve been in there (the farm) for a couple of weeks now mainly setting gear up and ironing out our usual technical problems!

“The idea is to record everything here and maybe mix elsewhere & produce the record ourselves, but knowing us lot, that could all change if we get sick of the smell of cow s*** on the farm!

“It’s very early days so don’t expect anything too soon, but there’s loads of ideas kicking around & we’re all well excited about where we’re going to go on this one.”

Doves also confirmed that they won’t be playing any live dates for the rest of the year.