The 'Love Music - Hate Racism' bash has been moved from Burnley to Manchester...

Doves and MS DYNAMITE are playing a free Anti-Nazi League ‘LOVE MUSIC – HATE RACISM’ carnival at PLATT FIELDS PARK in MANCHESTER on Sunday (September 1).

Originally, the carnival – also featuring The Shining, Miss Black America, Heartless Crew, Billy Bragg and Phi-Life Cypher – was going to be held in Burnley, location of one of last year’s race riots and three newly elected BNP councillors. But Burnley’s Labour council objected to the ANL staging the festival in the town’s Towneley Park and refused to grant a public entertainment licence.

Local ANL activist Jess Edwards told NME.COM: “We offered Burnley Council this carnival – the sort of line up that Burnley has never seen before, but they seem to have this idea that if you ignore the Nazis they’ll go away.


“We want to give confidence to the anti-Nazi majority, to say look, we’re here, we’re on the streets, come and join us. You don’t just have to sit at home thinking ‘Oh god, this is really terrible, what’s happening to my town?’. We’ve got to cut through that and say – no, you should be proud of where you live, because you live in a place where the majority of people aren’t racists.”

A year ago, Burnley Council banned an Anti-Nazi League carnival and march in the town. Meanwhile, former National Front leader John Tyndall was recently able to address a meeting of Nazis in Burnley town centre.

The’Love Music – Hate Racism’ festival has been organised against the background of racial tension in the North-West.

“We want to start an anti-racist movement that’ll drive the Nazis back into the sewers where they belong,” said the Anti Nazi League’s Julie Waterson. “NME readers can get involved by visiting and order leaflets and posters. We need to revisit the anti-Nazi movement of the 1970s and the early 1990s that stopped the NF and the BNP, that brought black and white youth together.”


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