The band's version of 'Blackbird' appears on a new movie soundtrack...

Doves have covered THE BEATLES for a new soundtrack album.

The group have recorded a cover of the ‘White Album”s ‘Blackbird’ for the forthcoming soundtrack to the Sky tevevision show ‘Roswell’. The album is released on June 10 via EMI.

Other bands featured on the compilation include Ash, Travis and Stereophonics.

The tracklisting is: Dido – ‘Here With Me’

Sense Field – ‘Save Yourself’

Ivy – ‘Edge Of The Ocean’

Coldplay – ‘Brothers And Sisters’

Ash – ‘Shining Light’

Sarah McClachlan – ‘Fear’

Zero 7 – ‘Destiny’

Travis – ‘More Than Us’

Sheryl Crow – ‘I Shall Believe’

Doves – ‘Blackbird’

Stereophonics – ‘Have A Nice Day’

Dido – ‘Here With Me’ (Chillin’ With The Family Remix)