Asda drops CD singles

Supermarket chain calls time after download upsurge

UK supermarket chain Asda is pulling CD singles off its supermarket shelves following an upsurge in download sales.

The move comes after Tesco recently exited the singles market following a slump in sales.

Singles will be phased out this week while the chain re-focuses its attention on album sales.

Asda‘s music buyer Andy Powell said: “We’re reluctantly saying goodbye to one of the most important products in music history.

“Customers want more than just a song from their favourite artists – they want the whole album at an affordable price.”

Only HMV, Virgin and Woolworths had a bigger share of the market, with Asda accounting for one in eight CD single sales back in 2005.

Downloads have overtaken CDs in single sales, taking up 79% of the market in 2006.