DPR IAN unveils tracklist of debut studio album ‘Moodswings In To Order’

Dubbed ‘MIITO’, the new record arrives at the end of this month

Korean-Australian singer DPR IAN has revealed the tracklist of his first-ever studio album ‘Moodswings In To Order’.

On July 19, the 31-year-old musician and creative director took to his social media accounts to share the full tracklist of his forthcoming debut studio effort. Titled ‘Moodswings In To Order’, the 12-track record is due out on July 29.


Fans of the singer have noted the inclusion of the song ‘Mr. Insanity’, a track DPR IAN had previously shared snippets of during livestreams. The record will also include songs like ‘1 Shot’, ‘Merry Go’ and ’Ballroom Extravaganza’, among others.

The musician has also unveiled accompanying visuals and lyrics from the album on Instagram.

Dubbed ‘MIITO’, the forthcoming album is a continuation of the “Mito” character that appeared in DPR IAN’s March 2021 debut EP ‘Moodswings In This Order’, which reframed his struggles with bipolar disorder. That record was led by the single ‘Nerves’, and songs like ‘So Beautiful’ and ‘No Blueberries’ featuring CL and DPR Live.

In a four-star review of the EPNME‘s Sofiana Ramli wrote: “DPR IAN is carving out a space for himself in the R&B world, and the mark that he’s about to leave on the scene won’t make him go unnoticed.”

Back in April, the members of DPR – DPR IAN, DPR Live, DPR Cream and DPR REM – shared that they would soon be embarking on their 2022 Regime World Tour. A total of 29 shows in the UK, Europe and North America have been announced for September to November 2022, with Asia-Pacific dates to be confirmed at a later date.

The tracklist of DPR IAN’s ‘Moodswings In To Order’ album is:


1. ‘Seraph’
2. ‘1 Shot’
3. ‘Mood’
4. ‘Miss Understood’
5. ‘Avalon’
6. ‘Merry Go’
7. ‘Ribbon’
8. ‘Winterfall’
9. ‘Calico’
10. ‘Mr. Insanity’
11. ‘Ballroom Extravaganza’
12. ‘Sometimes I’m’

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