The rap legend looks like being forced to pay out...

DR DREhas been ordered to pay more than $1.5 million to the copyright holder of a song he sampled on his 2001 track ‘LET’S GET HIGH’.

The master producer and rapper was told by a Los Angeles jury yesterday (May 7) to pay less than half of the $3.5 million sought by Minder Music Ltd for copyright infringement of Fatback’s 1980 song ‘Backstokin”.

US District Judge Consuelo B. Marshall, however, has not yet signed the judgment.


Dr Dre‘s lawyer told Billboard: “We’re not done, we’re only in the seventh inning.”

London-based Minder Music sued the former NWA star in 2000, after Lucasfilm sued him for using their signature sound effect to open his second album, ‘Dr Dre 2001’.

Dr Dre was hit with a $500 million lawsuit last year for alleged copyright infringement after he allegedly sampled Indian musician Lata Mangeshkar on Truth Hurts’ track ‘Addictive’.

Dr Dre is finishing his new – and final – album as well as producing albums by female rapper [a][/a] and former NWA cohort Ice Cube.