The star wins apology after accusing authorities in Detroit and Auburn Hills of censorship...

Lawsuits filed by DR DRE against the cities of DETROIT and AUBURN HILLS in MICHIGAN have been settled, it has emerged.

The uber-producer had issued the writs accusing authorities of censorship for threatening to arrest him if he aired a video deemed sexually explicit during last year’s ‘Up In Smoke’ tour of the US. Settlements include written apologies from Mayor Dennis Archer and the city of Auburn Hills and reimbursement of legal fees, with Detroit paying $25,000 and Auburn Hills paying $28,000. Police officers in each city are required to undergo First Amendment training, reports from the US say.

In July last year, mayoral officials from Detroit successfully barred a seven-minute video being played during Dre‘s set at the Joe Louis Arena, complaining that the video, which included images of bare breasts, was obscene. A federal judge ordered that officials in Auburn allow the film to be broadcast during the next evening’s show at the Palace Of Auburn Hills. The film was shown, but police seized a copy minutes after it aired and issued an action against the arena.

By settling Detroit’ authorities have not admitted guilt.