Snoop Dogg and Macy Gray star alongside him...

DR DRE, SNOOP DOGG and MACY GRAY all star in a new film, ‘TRAINING DAY’, which was released across the US at the weekend.

The film, charting the course of a novice cop’s first day at work in LA’s narcotics department, was due to be released on September 21 but was delayed following the terrorist attacks.

Dr Dre, speaking to www.launch.com, described his character: “I actually play a crooked undercover cop, you know. I’m a part of a crew of guys that Denzel [Washington] calls in when he wants to do some dirt, and get away with it. He knows that we’re the crew to call because we’re going to keep our mouth shut, and all we want to do is make sure we get our cut.”

Meanwhile, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem star in a comedy, ‘The Wash’, due for release in America on November 14. The soundtrack is released in America the same month, preceded by a Dr Dre single, ‘Bad Intentions’, on November 6.