The rapper is refused permission to show a sexually-explicit film as part of his show on the 'Up In Smoke' tour...

The ‘UP IN SMOKE TOUR’, featuring rappers Eminem,Dr Dre and SNOOP DOG, is continuing to court controversy, with DR DRE now threatening to sue the city of DETROIT for civil rights violations after officials wouldn’t let him show a sexually-explicit film as part of his show.

The tour made two visits to Michigan last week, at the Joe Louis Arena (July 6) and the Palace of Auburn Hills (7).

Reuters report that Dr Dre is threatening to sue the city of Detroit for violation of his civil rights after local officials talked promoters into dropping a video from the concert at the city owned Joe Louis Arena.


The film was shot for all 45 dates on the tour and is said to feature images of partially-naked women, as well as a violent gun shoot-out.

Speaking after the event, Dre‘s attorney claimed a suit would be filed later this week. He added: “Dr Dre is completely offended by what they did. The city, through its police force, stormed in there. He’s not going to take it lying down.”

The following night at the Palace of Auburn Hills show, the film was aired. However, in another twist, local police plan to file a complaint against the Palace of Auburn Hills, claiming that by showing the film they violated a clause in their alcohol licence. Live or televised nudity is not allowed.

The venue is in danger of having its alcohol licence suspended, and a receiving fine of up to $300.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Auburn Hills Police Chief Doreen Olko said: “The public these days is more tolerant of certain kinds of displays than it used to be, but the laws still exist on the books, communities should have some ability to say what is appropriate.”

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