Dr Dre reveals that reformation plans are on hold as they're all just too busy...

DR DRE has shelved plans for a proposed NWA reunion, saying the results of the early sessions were not up to scratch and those involved are too busy working on other solo projects.

Original NWA members Dre, Ice Cube and MC Ren had originally announced plans to reform, replacing the late Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright with Snoop Dogg.

Speaking at the time original member Ice Cube said: “Me and Dre and Snoop and Ren has been talking about an NWA album. Hopefully we’ll find time to put it together. I’m looking forward to it if we can do it.”

However, in a recent interview with MTV in the US, Dre has dismissed the idea of a new NWA record coming out in the near future. Speaking about the sessions, he said: “We got a couple things down, nothing that I’m happy with, so they don’t mean anything – the status of NWA right now remains in limbo, because everybody that’s supposed to be a part of this record has their own careers, and they’re out doing their things.

“Ice Cube is working on a big special-effect movie, Snoop Dogg has a record coming out and is gonna promote that, and I’m working with my new artists, trying to do my thing. I have no idea when that record’s gonna happen, or if it’s gonna happen.”

NWA formed in 1986 and went on to release their seminal album, the controversial and groundbreaking ‘Straight Outta Compton’ in 1988. Ice Cube left in 1989 and began a highly successful solo career.

The group eventually split after Dre left in 1992 to record his first solo album ‘The Chronic’, which also helped launch the career of Snoop Dogg.