Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight accuses Dr Dre of hiring a hitman to kill him

Suge Knight - who founded the iconic label with Dre - is in jail on murder charges

Suge Knight – who has been in jail awaiting a murder trial relating to hit and run charges since January 2015 – has alleged that Dr Dre hired a hitman in an attempt to kill him.

Knight co-founded Death Row Records alongside Dr Dre in 1991, and has made the allegation through his attorneys in court documents.

Pitchfork are reporting that the documents contain allegations relating to Suge Knight’s shooting in August of 2014. Knight was shot six times at a party hosted by Chris Brown.


The new motion alleges that a man called ‘Tee-Money’ has confessed to the shooting, with a detective “informing Knight that the gunman stated that Dr. Dre paid him and a friend $50,000 to kill Knight.”

Knight alleges “a massive scandal and cover-up,” and has linked the scenario he alleges to his current status in solitary confinement, through which he’s only allowed to speak to his lawyers.

Dr Dre’s lawyers have called the allegation “ridiculous.” Knight can expect to face serious prison time if convicted of the allegations he currently faces.


50 Cent has previously said that Suge Knight wanted to kill Dr Dre in the 1990s. Speaking in March 2015, 50 said:

“Suge was gonna kill Dre.” Pretending to be Knight, 50 then said: “How do I keep him? Maybe I’ll give him Dre’s half. I don’t know. Something might have to happen to Dre.”

Meanwhile, Dr Dre is thought to be working on new music, with Anderson .Paak – who worked with Dre on ‘Compton’ – saying recently that the hip-hop icon is is “currently doing a lot of work” on new material.


Anderson .Paak revealed on BBC Radio 1Xtra that Dre “still cares about the music”, despite only releasing one album of his own in the past 16 years. .Paak also claimed that Dre is “one of the realest” when discussing his relationship with the producer.

Dre is also expected to produce and star in ‘Vital Signs’, and Apple TV six-episode series in which every episode will focus on a different emotion that is expected to be one of Apple TV’s first scripted TV shows.