Dr Dre named as world’s highest paid musician by Forbes magazine

Rapper beat Beyoncé to top spot by earning $620m this year

Dr Dre has been named as the world’s highest paid musician by Forbes magazine, beating runner-up Beyoncé by $500m (£319m).

The rapper topped the magazine’s annual list largely due to the takeover of his Beat Electronics imprint by Apple earlier this year, a purchase that cost $3bn (£1.8bn) – the largest single-year haul by any musician in 2014.

The deal meant Dre earned $620m (£395m) this year alone.

Beyoncé, who came second, made $115m (£73m) off the back off her Mrs Carter Show tour, a surprise album and sponsorship deals with Pepsi and H&M.

The Eagles were in third place with earnings of up to $100m (£64m) and Bon Jovi came fourth with $82m (£52m). “I think it’s just wise to be efficient,” Bon Jovi told Forbes. “I know big bands where each of them have personal assistants on the road, each of them has a security guard. We don’t have a security guard. Take your own friggin’ bags!”

The rankings were compiled using income from touring, recorded music, publishing, merchandise sales, endorsements and other ventures. Other names on the list included Justin Bieber, One Direction and Calvin Harris.

Earlier this year, Dr Dre was also named the biggest earner in hip-hop in Forbes’ Cash Kings 2014 list.

Forbes’ highest paid musicians of 2014:

Dr Dre – $620m (£395m)
Beyoncé – $115m (£73m)
The Eagles – $100m (£64m)
Bon Jovi – $82m (£52m)
Bruce Springsteen – $81m (£52m)
Justin Bieber – $80m (£51m)
One Direction – $75m (£48m)
Paul McCartney – $71m (£45m)
Calvin Harris – $66m (£42m)
Toby Keith: $65m (£41m)
Taylor Swift: $64m (£41m)
Jay Z – $60m (£38m)
Diddy – $60m (£38m)
Bruno Mars – $60m (£38m)
Justin Timberlake – $57m (£36m)
Pink – $52m (£33m)
Michael Buble – $51m (£33m)
Rihanna – $48m (£30m)
Rolling Stones – $47m (£30m)
Roger Waters – $46m (£29m)