Dr Dre says he’s still ‘getting on’ with work on ‘Detox’

Rapper is only taking a 'small break' rather than lengthy hiatus

Dr Dre has insisted that he is still working on his long-awaited album ‘Detox’ and isn’t planning on taking a lengthy hiatus from his music career.

The rapper, who recently said he was going to take a break from music to “enjoy some time with his family”, told Time Out that he hadn’t abandoned his plans to release the LP.

Dre, who was promoting his new brand of headphones for Beats, said:

Well, right now I’m just taking a small break to come out and do some promotion with Beats but actually I’m getting back on it [working on ‘Detox’] when I get home.

However, the hip-hop star refused to reveal when the album would finally see the light of day and said it would only be released when it was ready, adding: “It has to feel good.”

‘Detox’ will be Dr Dre‘s first album since his 1999 LP ‘2001’, and the rapper has previously indicated it will be his last full studio record.

Two singles have been released so far: ‘Kush’ in November last year and ‘I Need A Doctor’, which featured Eminem and Skylar Grey, in February of this year. There is no confirmed tracklisting or release date as yet.