Dr Dre teams up with Eminem for ‘Detox’ single ‘Die Hard’

Rappers collaborate for third release from Dre's new album

Dr Dre has joined forces with Eminem on new single ‘Die Hard’.

The track, which will be the third official release from Dre‘s long-awaited ‘Detox’ album, is set to make its debut on US boxing show Fight 360° on Friday (May 6).

It is being promoted ahead of the forthcoming Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley fight in Las Vegas the following night (May 7), reports Billboard. Watch preview footage featuring the track by scrolling down and clicking below.

Dre and Eminem also collaborated on the last ‘Detox’ single ‘I Need A Doctor’.

Dre is still yet to set a release date for the album, which has been in the works since 2003 and is touted to feature collaborations with Jay-Z, La Roux and The Game. The last album he released was his 1999 LP ‘2001’.