Dr Dre debuts ‘Detox’ material on Dr Pepper advert

Watch the clip featuring new song on NME.COM

Dr Dre has previewed a snippet of his much-anticipated new album ‘Detox’ by allowing a prospective track to be used in a Dr Pepper advert.

Watch the clip and listen to the song, named ‘Shit Popped Off’, by clicking below.

In the advert Dre references the length of time it has taken him to record ‘Detox’ (he started work on it in 2004). He goes on to say that the album’s drawn-out recording process shouldn’t be mocked because – like Dr Pepper – the best things in life take time.

“Scientific tests prove when you drink Dr Pepper slow, the 23 flavours taste even better. For me, slow always produces a hit,” Dre says in the advert.