Man fined for spreading rumour that Dr Dre would enter money laundering marriage with former South Korean first lady

As confusing as it sounds

A man has been fined in court after spreading an online rumour that the widowed former South Korean first lady Lee Hee-ho would marry the rap icon Dr Dre.

The fake news story, published on the unidentified man’s blog, claimed that a marriage between Lee Hee-ho and Dr Dre had been planned in order to launder the slush funds of the former’s late husband, Kim Dae-jung.

The BBC reports that a South Korean district court ruling on Friday found that the man had “violated the honour of the deceased and the bereaved,” leading to a subsequent fine of 5m Korean won (around £3,410) for defamation.


Kim Dae-jung was president of South Korea between 1998 and 2003, and won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to improve relations with North Korea. His widow, Lee Hee-ho, is now 95, whilst Dr Dre is 52.

Last year, Dr Dre was named the third wealthiest person in hip-hop by Forbes, after P. Diddy and Jay-Z. His high net worth is attributed in part to his sale of the Beats headphone brand to Apple in 2014, alongside his vast record sales under NWA and as a solo artist.

Neither Dre nor Lee are thought to have commented the fake news story.