Dr. Luke takes Kesha fan to court over ‘#FreeKesha’ protests

The beleaguered producer's lawyers have moved to subpoena Michael Eisele over the nature of the '#FreeKesha' demonstrations

Lawyers representing producer Dr. Luke have subpoenaed a Kesha fan for the nature of the ‘#FreeKesha’ demonstrations that have been organised during the pair’s protracted legal battle.

The producer, AKA Lukasz Gottwald, has been embroiled in a legal dispute with Kesha since October 2014, when the 30-year-old singer filed a lawsuit in California against Dr. Luke citing “mental manipulation, emotional abuse and sexual assault” while also seeking to end her contract with Sony. Dr. Luke responded by counter-suing for defamation, and it was confirmed in August 2016 that Kesha’s case had been dropped so that the singer could focus on the defamation lawsuit.

Dr. Luke’s lawyers have now moved to act on Michael Eisele, a prominent Kesha supporter who organised the ‘#FreeKesha’ protests that sprung up during the legal battle. According to court papers obtained by Pitchfork, Dr. Luke’s lawyers have now subpoenaed Eisele for allegedly “closely coordinating” with Kesha’s camp to spread “defamatory statements and tarnish [Dr. Luke]’s reputation.”


A judge will now have to order the subpoena in order for Eisele to be made to testify in court under questioning from the producer’s lawyers.

This latest development in the legal battle follows Kesha’s decision last month to release a series of emails between Dr. Luke and her manager that appear to show the former making disparaging comments about the singer’s diet.