Dr. Martens are launching a new range of Sex Pistols boots and shoes

The iconic footwear brand have collaborated with the band

Dr. Martens have announced the launch of a new range of boots and shoes designed in collaboration with Sex Pistols.

The iconic footwear brand has teamed with up the band to produce the new line, inspired by the distinctive album artwork designed for the punks by Jamie Reid.

The designs feature lyrics from the Pistols’ ‘Pretty Vacant’, including “I wanna be me” down the heel of one pair of boots, which also has the live image of bassist Sid Vicious on the side. A pair of shoes also feature the words “boredom” and “nowhere”. You can see some images of the new line below.


Sex Pistols Sex Pistols Sex Pistols

In a press release, Dr. Martens said: “This is a band that so perfectly captured and channelled the essence of the non-conformist Docs spirit. And just as Docs were adopted by subcultures, we continue to be influenced by them – a fact which gives even more meaning to this collaboration.”

The Dr. Martens x Sex Pistols collection includes a 1490 10-eye boot, 1460 8-eye boot, 1925 steel toe, Pressler canvas lace-up and Toomey canvas slip-on, plus other clothing and accessories. They will be available from February 1.

Last year, the brand unveiled another range of boots honouring Joy Division and New Order. They used Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and New Order’s ‘Technique’ and ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ as their inspiration.

Meanwhile, last year Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon reflected on the demise of Vicious. Speaking about the song ‘Low Life’, Lydon opened up about how the track was inspired by the bassist – who was on bail for the murder of girlfriend Nancy Spungen at the time he wrote it.


“I missed Sid,” said Lydon. “I missed how I could have helped him, steered him away, but he sought it out. We dragged him into the band but he wasn’t prepared for the onslaught. Heroin was a natural safety blanket; it takes away those feelings of doubt. For me, self-doubt is one of my biggest motivators. It’s where I thrive. I can’t deal with compliments but I can handle an insult. It armours my artillery.”