Earl Sweatshirt accuses Drake of being a ‘vulture’ to new artists

The comments follow suggestion that the star 'found' underground rapper Kodak Black

Earl Sweatshirt has described Drake as a “vulture” who profits on the talent of lesser-known young rappers.

The Odd Future rapper’s comments were in relation to a video Drake recently posted to Instagram of himself dancing to ‘SKRT’ by underground rapper Kodak Black.

Upon seeing the clip, Earl took to Twitter to write: “drake found kodak black? smh welp”.

When fans suggested that Drake’s championing of young artists may be a positive thing, Earl proceeded to say that the star “can be a bit of a vulture on young rap niggas and i don’t want lil kodak to be a victim of it”.

NMEJordan Hughes/NME

He added that Drake’s “overall statement isn’t ‘check out this new shit I heard'” but instead is “always self serving”.

Earl continued: “The line between paying homage and wave riding is blurry so is the one between giving criticism and hating.”

Watch Drake’s Instagram clip below, as well as the video for Kodak Black’s ‘SKRT’.


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Drake was recently accused of “jacking” fellow artist DRAM’s song ‘Cha Cha’ with his new single ‘Hotline Bling’.

‘Cha Cha’ was originally released in March, with Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ following in July. The similarities between the two songs has been noted previously, with Beats 1 describing Drake’s song as a ‘Cha Cha remix’ when it first premiered on the artist’s own Ovosound radio show. Drake has since described it as a “quasi cover”, according to Billboard.

DRAM himself took to Twitter recently to accuse Drake of “jacking” his song. He wrote: “Just performed in Toronto for the 1st time tonight and it was bittersweet… cus after my performance all I’m seeing is Cha Cha/Hotline Bling comparisons on my timeline.”

Continuing: “I feel I got jacked for my record… But I’m GOOD.”