New Yorkers sing Drake, Bob Marley and The Weeknd whilst stuck on a broken subway train – watch

Passing the time, NYC style

A group of people stuck on a New York E-train subway for two hours entertained themselves by singing songs by Drake, The Weeknd, Bob Marley and DMX last Wednesday (October 21).

Greg Wong captured the experience on camera, and uploaded a series of videos to his Twitter account that give a taste of the experience. He also explains the circumstances, tweeting “a part of our E-train fell off, and technicians couldn’t fix it.”

Wong later made a seven-minute YouTube video showing what went on. ‘Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind, up in here’ does seem a particularly appropriate lyric for the situation.

Skip to around two and a half minutes to check out the tunes (some of the lyric changes make the songs still more NSFW):

Alongside his video, Wong explains the situation in detail on YouTube:

“The MTA E train (Queens to Manhattan) broke down big time on our morning commute to work. And I captured it on my iPhone 6S.”

“Thankfully I went to the restroom before it and had a seat. One guy had to take a bio break between the cars and found some sanitary wipes from another passenger.”

“We were underground for two hours without any signal. The conductor repeatedly apologized for the “technical difficulties.” Finally they brought in technicians, and we were told that a piece of the train had fallen off. They couldn’t fix it, so they sent another train to rescue us.”

“After getting resituated to the rescue car, our moods lightened with a hip hop party. (Starts up at 2:40. Original train rhymes at 4:00.) The covered jams included Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Fetty Wap’s “My Way,” and The Weeknd’s ” Can’t Feel My Face.” Some people who were unfamiliar with the songs enjoyed the music and took note to listen to the artists later!”