Stream unreleased Drake and Kanye West collaboration ‘You Know, You Know’

Song dates back to 2009 but has now been uploaded to YouTube in high quality

Drake has shared ‘You Know, You Know’, a previously unreleased collaboration with Kanye West.

The track dates back to 2009 and has long been available online in leaked form. However, with Drake uploading the Kanye-produced song to his official YouTube channel, this is the first time it has been released in high quality. Listen below.

West and Drake have been rumoured to be working on a joint release in recent months. At the start of August, West hinted that he could be about to release a collaborative album with his fellow rapper.


Appearing with Drake at Toronto’s OVO Fest, Kanye asked the crowd: “Is y’all ready for this album?” He then added: “I wasn’t talking about [‘The Life Of Pablo’]. I wasn’t talking about ‘Views’. I wanna ask y’all right now: Are y’all ready for this album?”, before gesturing to himself and Drake.

Back in April, Drake revealed that he had been planning to release a mixtape with West and that the record might eventually still come out in the form of an entire album.

Describing West as “one of my favourite people… in the world”, Drake said at the time: “We’ll just sit and collaborate. We have a few things that we’ve worked on. It’s all about finding a place for it.”

“We can link each other and discuss anything. Feeling a way on this or just leisure talk, we have a great relationship. I hope we get more music out. We were supposed to do a mixtape together an album together… You never know, he’ll call me tonight and say, ‘I’m putting these two songs out tonight’.”