Drake, Zayn and Azalea among most popular music-inspired baby names, new report shows

Office of National Statistics outline the biggest pop culture names for 2014

A new report by the Office of National Statistics has outlined the most popular music-inspired baby names in England and Wales.

In the report, which also demonstrates how Game Of Thrones characters and football stars have influenced baby names the most in Britain in the past year, the likes of Drake, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora have influenced the most popular names for babies with music-loving parents.

“Pop star names rise to fame shortly after debut and hit albums,” the report claims. “Soon after her debut album release in 2010, Rita Ora’s increasing fame is matched by an increase in baby girls called Rita. Similarly, the name Drake became more popular after his hit album in 2010.”

Official statistics show that 65 babies were named Rita in 2014, 33 were called Drake (down from a peak of 49 in 2012) and 30 children were given the first name of Azalea.


Meanwhile, former One Direction member Zayn Malik also had a high impact, with 231 babies taking his forename in 2014. The figure is dwarfed by ex-bandmate Harry Styles, with 5,379 babies named Harry – although Harry has long been a popular first name in the UK.


Read the full report here. See a list of the most bizarre rock star baby names.

Meanwhile, Drake is currently celebrating the news that his ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ mixtape has become the first record released in 2015 to go platinum in the US.