WWE the latest to weigh in on Meek Mill v Drake saga

The wrestling body feels feels its copyright has been infringed.

In the latest twist to rap’s saga of the week, Meek Mill has come under fire from the WWE, amid claims that his Drake diss track infringes on the copyright of wrestler The Undertaker’s entry music.

The iconic WWE man’s entry track opens with chiming bells, before kicking into a dark, operatic rock melody to suit his in-ring character. The bells heard in the background of the wrestler’s track ‘The Darker Side / Graveyard Symphony’ do sound strikingly similar to those used by Mill in his track ‘Wanna Know’, released two days ago.

A WWE spokesperson told TMZ.com that “WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and we’re looking into the matter.”


The battle of words kicked off when Mill accused Drake of having other people write his music, before Drake responded with a track attacking Mill. Mill’s latest ‘Wanna Know’ struck back at Drake, who has also released a second swipe at the Philadelphia native. Mill’s track, though, looks like it may have landed him in legal hot water.

Celebrities including former wrestler Bret Hart and Chance The Rapper have spoken about the ongoing feud.

Meek Mill is currently on an extended tour of North America, but will arrive in Canada in the middle of the coming month, a few days after Drake’s tour leaves.