Meek Mill samples Drake’s alleged ghostwriter in new diss track ‘Wanna Know’ – listen

Rapper claims that Drake was pissed on in the track

Meek Mill has responded to Drake‘s two recent diss tracks following claims the former recently made about the latter using a ghostwriter for his songs.

The pair engaged in a public dispute recently when Mill accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics, adding that he wouldn’t have included him on his own new album if he had known prior.

The Toronto native responded by airing ‘Charged Up’, a song that takes aim at claims that he uses a ghostwriter. Upon hearing the song, Meek Mill described the track as “baby lotion soft”, saying that he could tell Drake wrote it himself.


With Meek Mill responding with a song consisting of fifteen seconds of screaming, Drake then released another diss track called ‘Back To Back’, which again called out Mill.


Now Meek Mill has sampled Quentin Miller, Drake’s alleged ghostwriter. The snippet that Mill borrows is the alleged “reference track” that Drake based his song ’10 Bands’ on.

In the track, Mill also alleges that Drake was urinated on by a friend of rapper/singer TI. A reporter has since elaborated on the rumour on Twitter (see the tweet below).


Listen to Meek Mill’s new track, ‘Wanna Know’, below.

Hear Drake’s two diss tracks below.

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