Drake producer defends rapper as alleged demo by ‘ghostwriter’ leaks – listen

Meek Mill has alleged that Drake doesn't write his own raps

Drake‘s longtime producer Noah ’40’ Shebib has defended the rapper following recent allegations that he doesn’t write his own lyrics.

Earlier this week, fellow hip-hop star Meek Mill claimed that the Toronto native “don’t write his own raps”, adding that he wouldn’t have included him on his new album if he had known prior. The Philadelphia rapper released his second album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ in June, with Drake featuring on the track ‘R.I.C.O’.

Following the claims, hip-hop DJ Funkmaster Flex aired an alleged “reference track” from Quentin Miller, a songwriter credited on Drake’s latest mixtape ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’.

The early demo, played on Flex’s Hot 97 radio show, features many of the same lyrics later featured in Drake’s ’10 Bands’. You can listen to both songs below.


However, Shebib has since taken to Twitter to put things “into perspective”. He wrote: “I can’t count the hours that myself and drake have spent writing producing and recording music. Let’s just say… 5000 hours… I’ve spent maybe 30 min in a studio with Q. Nice enough guy, very talented”.

“If your asking if q contributed to if you’re reading this the answer is yes. You can also read that in the credits.”

Shebib continued to label Drake as not “just a rapper” but “also a musician and a producer and a creator”.

“Theres countless number ones and songs drake has written for others never mind himself,” the producer added. “If someone wants to be upset that drake made a great album, go for it, get mad all day lol! but don’t ever question my brothers pen.”

Drake himself later broke his silence on the matter by writing on Instagram: “I signed up for greatness. This comes with it”.