Drake unveils new track ‘Girls Love Beyoncé’ – listen

Track features the chorus of Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name'

Drake has unveiled a new track ‘Girls Love Beyoncé’ – listen to it below.

The song, which was a collaboration with James Fauntleroy (part of Justin Timberlake’s production group The Y’s), also features Drake singing ‘Day My Name’ by Destiny’s Child, as he croons about how he’s finding it hard to find a girlfriend. He also seems to make comment on sexism and materialism: “All my boys around me saying get money and fuck these hoes. Where we learn these values, I do not know what to tell you…” he raps.

This is the third new track from the Canadian rapper, who recently put out ‘Started From The Bottom’ and ‘5AM In Toronto’ – in which he talks up his success, saying that he will make it onto the Forbes rich list this year, and lamenting his fellow rappers for copying him, claiming “every song sounds like Drake featuring Drake.”

Drake was featured on MTV’s Hottest MCs list at number five earlier this year. The list has caused controversy in the hip-hop community with Kanye West complaining that his fashion sense had stopped him being ranked higher than the seventh position he found himself in.

Drake’s last studio album, ‘Take Care’, was released in November 2011.