Drake admits to feeling ‘numb’ throughout debut album ‘Thank Me Later’

Rapper admits to having misgivings over his hit album

Drake has admitted that he had misgivings over his debut album ‘Thank Me Later’.

The Young Money rapper said that he had been too focused on getting his debut out, rather than its content.

He told Rolling Stone: “In no way am I not proud of it, but I think I got caught up in making it seem big and first-album-ish. I was a bit numb, a bit disconnected from myself. I wasn’t able to slow down and realize what was going on around me.”

Drake, who is set to release his new album ‘Take Care’ in October, added that he doesn’t like releasing singles.

He said: “I hate singles… with this album, I want to tell a whole story. I don’t want people to just hear a piece and judge the album on that.”

‘Take Care’ is set to feature collaborations with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. The rapper was also said to be working with Jamie Smith from The xx and Florence Welch from Florence And The Machine.

Smith told NME that he and the rapper were working on material for Drake‘s second album, while Drake looks set for a guest rap on Welch‘s next effort. He said: “He’s a fan of The xx and my remixes and stuff and I sent him some beats. We’re just going to do some stuff for the next album.”

Drake, meanwhile, told BBC Newsbeat of the collaboration: “We’re working on ‘Take Care’ together. Jamie is probably one of the most exciting producers I’ve ever heard.”

He said his hook-up with Welch, who he met at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles and who joined him onstage recently in London: “We listened to all her new music and I picked which song I really want to get on.”