Drake breaks Twitch streaming record after playing Fortnite

635,429 people watch the rapper playing the game

Drake recently broke a Twitch record after playing the hugely popular game Fortnite and livestreaming it.

The co-op fantasy survival game was first released in July 2017 but has swiftly become one of the most played games in recent months. Find out everything you need to know about Fortnite here.

The rapper recently teamed up with famed Fortnite gamer Ninja as well as Travis Scott and NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster, with Ninja livestreaming the game on his Twitch channel. Drake shared the stream via his Twitter account.


Ninja’s stream went on to break the record for most concurrent viewers, reaching a high of 635,429 viewers. The record was previously 388,000 viewers.

Drake recently teased his Toronto-inspired new album while supporting his home city’s basketball team.

He took to the court at the Toronto Raptors vs Houston Rockets game earlier this month – where he showed admiration for his hometown and shed some light on his new LP.

“I love each and every one of you,” said Drake at halftime. “I’m happy to be home. I’m working on this new album for the city.” 


In other Drake news, the rapper was recently named fourth wealthiest hip-hop artist of 2018 on Forbes’ annual list. His net worth is said to be $100 million (£73 million) – matching the wealth of Eminem. Drake was also named by the IFPI as the second best-selling global artist for 2017.

Elsewhere, a hilarious parody of his ‘God’s Plan’ video aired recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In the original video, Drake went to Miami where he gave away nearly $1 million, helping families with their grocery shopping, donating to a women’s shelter, and covering a student’s tuition.

In Kimmel’s version, the show’s Guillermo Rodriguez heads to a 99 cent store where he lets everyone get one thing “for only 99 cents”. At the end, he hands over a giant cheque to a bemused store employee for $96.16.