Drake calls out fan for throwing vape at him on stage: “You got some real life evaluating to do”

“There’s no way you’re taking life seriously”

Drake halted one of his gigs to call out a fan after a vape was thrown at him mid-performance.

The incident took place on Thursday night (July 20), during the rapper’s concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Midway through his set, Drake began to address a concert-goer who decided to hurl a vape at him, telling them they have “some real life evaluating to do”.

“Did you throw a vape up here? Come on,” Drake said to the crowd at the show, looking at the item by his feet. “Hey … Who threw this? Who threw the vape?”


He continued: “There’s no way you’re taking life seriously if you think I’m gonna pick this vape up and vape with you at the fucking Barclays Center.

“You got some real life evaluating to do, throwing this fucking lemon mint vape up here, thinking I’m about to vape with you at the Barclays.”

Footage of the moment was shared by the venue on its social media channels, along with the caption: “Reminder: You cannot vape at Barclays Center.”

This isn’t the first time that the artist – whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham – has been on the receiving end of something thrown by a member of the crowd during his ongoing tour.

Earlier this month, he was hit by an object while on stage in Chicago, during the opening night of his ‘All a Blur Tour’ with 21 Savage. The object, which hit him in the arm during the performance, turned out to be a mobile phone although he didn’t comment on the incident during the show.


Unfortunately, this trend of audience members hurling objects at performers on stage has gathered momentum in recent months. One of the most prolific and dangerous cases occurred last month, when pop star Bebe Rexha was seen falling to her knees after a mobile phone struck her in the face.

The incident left her needing stitches above her eye, and it was later reported that the concertgoer who threw the device did so because he thought “it would be funny”.

Additionally, P!nk was left confused after a fan tossed their dead mother’s ashes onto her stage in London, Harry Styles was hit in the eye by a mysterious object thrown at him in Vienna, and Ava Max was slapped in the face by someone who ran onto the stage during a gig in Los Angeles.

Other artists affected included Lil Nas X, Taylor Swift and Lil Uzi Vert.

Drake. Credit: Prince Williams via WireImage
Drake. Credit: Prince Williams via WireImage

Billie Eilish also spoke out against the trend while at the premiere of the Barbie movie earlier this month, and said that while it is “infuriating”, it is by no means a new occurrence.

“I’ve been getting hit on stage with things for like, literally, six years,” she said. “I have mixed feelings about it, because when you’re up there it blows. But you know it’s out of love and they’re just trying to give you something.”

Adele also spoke out against the issue during a live show, jokingly warning her audience that she would “kill” them if they tried to throw items at her. While Latto warned a fan to stop throwing things at her on stage at a recent show, and threatened to “beat their ass”.

Highlighting the worrying trend, NME explored why fans may want to hurl objects at their favourite performers, but, additionally, how it is negatively impacting live shows.

“The desire for a memorable one-off connection with the pop gods is understandable, particularly in an age when the wealthiest among us can virtually buy a meet-and-spoon with them before the show,” it read. “But it shouldn’t need to be said that risking their personal well-being, the gig itself and a bouncer’s boot in the face for your troubles isn’t worth any amount of TikTok notoriety.”

“We’ve entered an era where interactions between fan and artist need to revert to respectful boundaries,” it added. “It’s a performance, not a baby shower or disorderly selfie queue, so let the stars get on with dazzling you without the underlying frisson of warzone.”

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