You can buy one of Drake’s early lyric notebooks in this new auction

But you'll have to be willing to part with some serious cash in order to get your hands on this set of notes

Drake is auctioning off one of his old notebooks, which contains handwritten lyrics from his 2006 debut mixtape ‘Room for Improvement’.

The lot has been freshly listed on the Nate D. Sanders Auction House, with bids over the starting price of $8000 (£6029) set to be accepted when the auction begins on Thursday (June 28).

According to the lot, the notebook was likely written in by Drake in 2005 and features handwritten lyrics for a number of the songs that would end up on ‘Room for Improvement’. This includes ‘Special’ (entitled ‘Extra Special’ in the notebook), ‘Do Me So Good’ (with track producer Boi Wonda/BOI-1DA mentioned next to title), ‘Try Harder’, ‘City Is Mine’, ‘Do What You Do’, ‘A Scorpio’s Mind’ and ‘Bad Meaning Good’.


The notebook also contains Drake’s early thoughts on what ingredients were needed to make “the greatest song ever”: “You Need:… Maxwell or D’Angelo Feature, Andre 3000-Produced Track, Indie Arie Feature, Usher Feature, Voyce Feature”.

Underneath this declaration is the quote: “When you understand life is when you can relax, because everything you can ever want or be you already have and are.”

Drake is set to finally release his next solo album, ‘Scorpion’, on Friday (June 29) – here’s everything we know so far about the record.

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