Drake wants to include a Fortnite reference on his new album

When the meme world and the real world collide

Drake has revealed he may include a reference to the video game Fortnite on his new album.

The co-op fantasy survival game was first released in July 2017, and has swiftly become one of the most played games.

Drake is a known fan of the game, triggering several Twitter users to create mash-up memes pairing the tools of the game and the artist’s dance moves in the ‘Hotline Bling’ video.


He was playing live on Twitch on Tuesday night against video game streamer Ninja, otherwise known as Tyler Blevins, who brought up the subject of Drake’s new album.

He said: “Dude, you gotta put some Fortnite lingo on the album.”

“It has to happen, it’s just gotta be the right way,” Drake replied.

“Someone’s gonna do it. Someone’s gonna pull it off.”

However, he did have one stipulation for developers Epic Games about the lyric.


“I say when Epic gives me the emote, when Epic gives me the Hotline Bling emote, I’ll do it. Until then, I’m on strike.”

In gaming, an ‘emote’ is typically a dance or movement performed by avatars. 

After the game, Drake was forced to give $5,000 to Ninja for losing.

Back in March, the pair broke the Twitch streaming record together after 635,429 people tuned in to watch them play Fortnite.