Drake reportedly settles lawsuit against woman who accused him of sexual assault, made false pregnancy claims

Drake's attorney says that the rapper and his team are "satisfied with this outcome"

Drake has settled a lawsuit against a woman who said that she was pregnant with his child and accused the rapper of sexual assault.

TMZ reports that a “filing made by Drake against Layla Lace has been resolved”. The publication claims that Lace has avoided going to trial “by agreeing to a stipulated judgment which prohibits her from repeating past statements she made against [the rapper]”.

In response, Drake’s attorney Larry Stein has released a statement to TMZ. “Drake and his team are satisfied with this outcome and while Drake appreciates the support he has received,” Stein said, “he asks that his fans and the media allow both parties to move on with their lives.”

Drake filed the lawsuit against Lace – whose real name is Laquana Morris – back in September. He was said to be suing Morris for civil extortion, fraud, emotional distress, abuse of process, and defamation.

In the suit, the rapper said that he had consensual sex with Morris at a Manchester hotel in February of last year. It went on to state that Morris then booked a flight to see Drake again, but was angered by him not responding to her.


Although it’s claimed that Drake then cut all ties with Morris, she posted on Instagram in April 2017 that she was pregnant with his baby.

It’s also alleged that Morris said Drake raped her and demanded money from him after he had been cleared of all allegations of sexual assault.

TMZ says that the new documents reveal that Drake told the court that he had resolved his legal issue with Morris.

The publication says that the case will go no further, as long as Morris makes no more “statements alleging or insinuating that [Drake] assaulted her”, on her own online accounts or by any third party.

At present, a judge is yet to sign off on the case.

Meanwhile, Drake recently accused a Vancouver casino of racially profiling him after the rapper attempted to gamble at the venue.