Drake urged to accept Kanye West concert offer by Larry Hoover Jr.

"I would appreciate it and my father would appreciate it"

Larry Hoover’s son has publicly called on Drake to accept Kanye West’s proposed “peace offering” concert in support of his father’s release from prison.

Following the latest series of digs exchanged between Drake and Ye – an on-and-off feud that’s been active since at least 2009 – the latter linked up with Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince earlier this week (November 8) to offer Drake a resolution to their feud, inviting him to collaborate on a live show celebrating “the two biggest albums of the year” (West’s ‘DONDA’ and Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’).

The prospective show would also serve as an avenue for the pair to raise awareness for Larry Hoover, who is currently serving six life sentences for charges relating to gang activity.


“Drake, you a leader and leaders make decisions that people follow,” Hoover Jr. said in a video posted by TMZ earlier today (November 10). “Man, this would be big. This is like Michael Jackson and Prince … Come together, put whatever y’all differences are down … Let’s be bigger than that.”

“[The concert] is also to pass the message that [my father] qualifies to come home as far as the First Step Act is concerned,” he added. “People are concerned about what he might do, but this is the type of things that he can do — he can bring people together, he can hopefully bring a lot of peace to our community.”

Hoover Jr. conceded that the concert might not happen, but asked that Drake consider the offer for his family’s sake.

“I would appreciate it and my father would appreciate it,” he added. “Me and my mother spoke with Drake and he was saying that he is willing to extend the hand and help out however he can. The concert thing, we still working on that.

“Mr. Prince is dealing with Drake and speaking with him directly, so he would have to pretty much pass the information on for that as far as him coming all the way in. But hopefully in a few days it’s looking good, it’s looking like he should be moving forward to maybe take part in this whole thing.”


Larry Hoover has been in prison since 1973 when he was convicted of killing 19-year-old drug dealer William “Pooky” Young, and has since faced additional charges of conspiracy, extortion and money laundering following a long-running investigation into his alleged criminal enterprise.

Ye has been vocal about his support for Hoover’s release since 2018, when he met with then-President Donald Trump at the White House to negotiate his pardon. He also featured an emotional plea from Larry Hoover Jr. regarding his father’s incarceration on his latest album ‘DONDA’.

“Donda helped show people that my father is a human being,” Hoover Jr. told TMZ. “They look at my father as Larry Hoover the gangster and all the negative activity that they put around his name and that the media put there; DONDA was my first opportunity to give my narrative and let people see him as a person and know who he is.”

Meanwhile, West dedicated the latest edition of Sunday Service to the victims of the “mass-casualty” crowd crush at Travis Scott‘s Astroworld festival. Drake has since posted a statement saying his “heart is broken” after he appeared on stage with Scott during the set in question.

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