Drenge say it is impossible for a band to remain DIY when they have a record deal

Brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless lament the end of their zine making days in new interview

Drenge have said that it is not possible to have a record deal and remain a DIY band.

The two-piece, who come from Castleton in the Peak District, will release their debut album ‘Drenge’ on Monday (August 19) through Infectious, the same label as Alt-J, These New Puritans and Local Natives.

Speaking to NME in a new interview in this week’s issue, available digitally and on newsstands now,
Eoin Loveless of the sibling duo says: “At the end of the day our band isn’t DIY any more. It was very DIY, but when you sign a record deal, you sign away the whole the whole do-it-yourself thing. I feel like I can’t do zines if I have people doing all this stuff for me.”

Moving on to the topic of securing commercial deals around their music and live performances, Eoin continues: “It seems like that’s the way art and music will be funded from now on. It’s like, if a band sell one of their songs to a jeans company, you can call them sell-outs or scum bags, but they might not exist anymore if it wasn’t for the money they received from it. There are huge moral dilemmas involved.”

Following the release of ‘Drenge’, the duo will embark on a UK tour in September. Starting in Bath on September 12, the band will play dates in Guildford, Tunbridge Wells, Reading, Penzance and Truro before ending in Milton Keynes on September 21.

Drenge will play:

Bath Moles Club (September 12)
Tunbridge Wells Forum (13)
Guildford Boileroom (16)
Reading South Street Arts Centre (17)
Penzance Studio Bar (19)
Truro Bunters Bar (20)
Milton Keynes Crauford Arms (21)

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