Drenge kick-start Glastonbury 2015 with raucous set at Wiliam’s Green

Band perform to packed-out area

Drenge have opened this year’s Glastonbury Festival with a rowdy performance that drew thousands to a packed out William’s Green area.

Taking place on one of the more modestly-sized stages, but one which is in the few to host performances the evening before the festival proper begins, the Sheffield-based duo played what was the first major set of this weekend’s event.

Fans packed out not just the tent that staged the performance, but crowded around its outskirts too in an attempt to catch some of the show.

As the 8.30pm slot is traditionally unannounced to the public – billed simply as a performance from a ‘mystery band’ – the group, made up of brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless, took many of the enthusiastic crowd by surprise, serving up an energetic set or raucous rockers taken from their two albums, including this year’s single ‘We Can Do What We Want’.

The 45-minute set soundtracked the sun set on a day that has seen thousands flock to Pilton.

Glastonbury Festival opened its gates at 8am yesterday morning (June 24) and, The Guardian reports that 90 per cent of ticketholders arrived throughout the day, despite the fact that the full, scheduled performance programme does not begin until Friday morning.

Glastonbury Festival 2015 runs from June 26 until June 28 and is headlined by Kanye West and The Who. Florence And The Machine will replace Foo Fighters, who were forced to cancel last week due to Dave Grohl’s leg injury. Scheduled musical performances start on Friday (June 26), but secret sets are known to take place on the Thursday leg each year. The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess has hinted at a possible Glastonbury secret set.

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