It looks like someone has stolen drumsticks from former Slipknot musician Paul Gray’s gravestone


Drumsticks that were donated to lay besides late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray’s gravestone have been removed.

A Slipknot fan posting under the name Critical_darling on Reddit revealed that Jay Weinberg’s drumsticks have gone missing from the grave in Des Moines, Iowa. Weinberg–who joined the band in 2014, four years after Gray’s death—is the band’s drummer.

Gray died in 2010 from an overdose at the age of 38.


The Reddit thread sees other users post their own theories about what has seemingly happened.

One user wrote: “My family has cleared the headstone of our loved one. Sometimes those things mean a lot and you want to hold on to it, sometimes it might get destroyed or drift away, or in the case of Paul’s headstone there might be too much stuff being left that they need to clear it to make way for new gifts.”

Another posed the idea that a groundskeeper may have removed the drumsticks while clearing up the cemetery.

Paul Gray

But other fans were quick to raise the idea of theft. One person wrote, “That’s so disrespectful that someone would take the drumstick, it belonged right there on his grave and no where else.”


Another said: “People do shit like this all the time. Dimebag Darell had his grave site vandalized and pissed on by some Russian dude. It’s a part of human nature. The person who stole Jay’s drumstick probably thought they could make a quick buck off it.”

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