Dua Lipa responds to critics after Tomorrowland comment

Dua Lipa responded to a mistake she made about Tomorrowland via Twitter

Dua Lipa has responded to critics who pointed out a statement she made about being the first international female artist to headline Tomorrowland was incorrect.

After her performance, the star tweeted “first ever international female artist to play Tomorrowland” before adding that it was “an insane experience.”

Whilst the tweet has now been deleted, some were quick to point out that Dua Lipa had made a mistake and that artists including Alison Wonderland and Nina Kravitz had played there too.


However, Dua Lipa later responded to the backlash via her Twitter account.






The singer wrote: “Every woman in the industry ive seen do well gets built up to be brought down. If we worried about keyboard warriors who lash out because shit aint settled in their own house we wouldnt be doing as well as we are!”

Recently, Dua Lipa has been liked with recording the new Bond song, with Years & Years seemingly let slip that they knew Dua Lipa was reportedly recording the song.

“I thought they’d ask us to do the theme tune but I think Dua Lipa is doing it,” Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander said, adding “Am I not supposed to say that?” 

Lipa responded to rumours that she was being lined up to sing the theme for the next Bond movie earlier this year.

“I would love to do it, but I’m not recording it… so far,” she said. “I don’t want to jinx it. I would love to do it.”

Speaking to NME in an exclusive interview, Lipa also shed some light on what her new record would sound like, earlier this year, citing some legendary influences.

“It has throwback elements, too. I’ve been listening to a lot of Outkast and Prince and things sonically I’m such a fan off so I’m just trying to take that and put it together with pop.”