Dua Lipa says she uses social media “in bite sizes” to protect her mental health

The singer has previously labelled online behaviour as "toxic"

Dua Lipa has revealed that she only engages with social media “in bite sizes” in order to protect her mental health.

Speaking to British Vogue in a new interview, the ‘New Rules’ star explained how she takes care of herself and deals with the pressure of being in the limelight as a successful pop artist.

Stating she consciously takes a step back from apps such as Twitter and Instagram, Lipa told the publication that she’s “learnt to do social media in bite sizes”, as well as leaning on family and friends for support.


“Social media has always been around for my generation, so for me it’s really fun to post pictures, tweet and update,” she said. “But I’ve also received a lot of backlash for talking about political things close to my heart.”

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa performs live. Credit: Getty

Lipa went on to say that she sometimes deletes social media apps so she doesn’t “start second guessing” her beliefs on important current issues.

Explaining how trolls targetting her via online platforms trigger her anxiety, the artist said that her fans are the reason she returns to being active on social media.

“They’re the reason why I download the app again, so I can talk to them. It’s the foundation that we’ve built everything on,” Lipa said. “My fans know me so well now that I get messages saying, ‘We know you need some time out from Twitter, we just wanted to tell you we missed you’.”


Lipa added that “finding and maintaining a healthy balance” online is the key, adding: “You can’t always get it right, but you have to try.”

Earlier this year, Dua Lipa hit out at the “toxic ass behaviour” she sees within her Twitter feed. “Too much hate in one place. We love to preach about feminism and sisterhood but it seems like its all for the clout,” she wrote.

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