Dua Lipa says Silk City collab hints at the kind of music she’ll be bringing to her new album

The singer describes it as "something different"

Dua Lipa has revealed more about her collaboration with Mark Ronson and Diplo, hinting that the track leads into the music that will feature on her new album.

Silk City is a group made up of Ronson and Diplo and the pair have been teasing their collaboration with Lipa over the past few weeks. Single ‘Electricity’ is expected to arrive soon.

Now Lipa has opened up about the track, saying she’s ‘really excited’ about it. “It’s something different, but it does lead into some of new music that I’m going to bring in my albums,” she told Rolling Stone.


“It’s got some throwback elements to it; it’s dancey; it’s still a pop song. I just shot the video — I shot it the day before yesterday but I finished at seven a.m. yesterday morning. We shot all through the night. It wasn’t at the Louvre, unfortunately — it was in New Jersey.”

Lipa previously shared a snap of the project on her Twitter, writing: “Her name is Electricity… and you’ll meet her soon enough.” You can see that picture below.


Ronson also opened up about the track, describing ‘Electricty’ as “a belter.” He added that it is “spiritual piano house music like they used to make… Lipa sounds imperious.” The producer added that Lipa “has this deep, soulful voice that harkens back to gospel house.”

“Even though the style of music we do is quite different, there’s so much shared stuff that we do love – like classic house, disco and hip-hop,” Ronson told BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac about his partnership with Diplo. “So we just got in the studio sometime last year and started making some music.”

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